Hi Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

Its been quite awhile since I posted in Linked In and I wanted to share what I'm doing now since the Pandemic.

All is well in our family and I sincerely hope everyone around the world and in Linked In are safe.  Its been challenging on so many levels and different for everyone in changing the way we work.

I decided to work part time real estate and this year that I'm taking it to another level because I have discovered that I have a gift with design, trends and able to bring my excellent customer service skills to my clients in a whole new way.

As most of you know, the market is in a shortage with homes and I'm here to help with that.  I am also working in Commercial and working with builders to locate great places to build communities.

My Website is evolving.  Someone once said "Some things are better done than perfect." - I cannot recall the author but it fits now! I tend to want some things perfect before moving forward. Those that know me know its a part of me to have things right. The website is working and functional! Sections may move will move around a bit and be updated but it is FUNCTIONAL for you, my friends and clients :-)

Check out Featured Listings = Some of my office listings and share with those you know searching for buyers.

Century 21 Carioti - A few Office Listings!

See a market report down to the subdivision where you live if you like!

CHECK OUT FEATURED ARTICLE FOR THIS BLOG that got my attention and I knew I had to share!  I can't imagine living without a microwave and I know I have spent more time in our kitchen this past year. This article will take you back in time a little and hope you enjoy!

Trending - 'Evolution of the American Kitchen'

Below is one of our office listings for a Car Wash business.


WANT A GUARANTEE THAT YOUR HOME WILL SELL?  CENTURY 21 CARIOTI WILL PURCHASE YOUR HOME FOR CASH.  ASK ME ABOUT THE OFFER Process! The short story is that we will present you with an offer and if it doesn't sell in 45 days, we purchase it for Cash for that offer price.


Homes For Heroes


ARE YOU A HERO? Military, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Teacher, Firefighter, EMT? Then you qualify for a hero savings benefit as my way of saying "Thank You For Your Service on the Front Lines!".  There is no cost to you.  An example would be on an approximately a $300k home, you would receive back from closing approximately $2,000 in form of check in the mail.  Ask me how I can help!

I look forward to being your Real Estate Solution Partner!

- Tina M Christensen